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Along with globalization, clients demand more. They go on with product outsourcing with companies capable of providing technical and comprehensive solution. Moreover, clients seek high-quality, value-added products.

For corporations that attempt to radically change stance for business, FandF stands on the same footing as them, grasp their needs, plan product structure, and make proposal. We do product development and manufacture making the most of our unique "mobile power" to play a role as the real business partner.



2011/05 Sagamihara Business Office relocating to Hachioji

We will move to a new office, Hachioji Business Office (Ishikawa-cho 2969-2, Hachioji city, Tokyo) on June 1, 2011.

2011/03 Passed ISO9001 certification

2010/06Wuxi factory Passed ISO13485 certification

2010/03Started manufacturing and selling medical and industrial Trackball

2010/01 Awarded "good-standing company related to environmental quality" by Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.

2009/12 Acquired the license for Medical Equipment Repair Business

2009/09 Partially changed the contents of the register book (added medical equipment-related business)

2009/09 Implemented organizational change (established New Business Development Division)

2009/02 Obtained license for General Distributor of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances

2009/01 Started commissioned business of production and translation of user manual

2008/11 A new factory (China, Wuxi) completed and operation has started.

Employment opportunity available.

Key-unit Business

From design to mass production, we provide consistent services to meet clients' requirements. FandF expands our business widely in the field of medical equipment.

Being a factory of the world

Having an international-standard factory urges us to be more tough and flexible. FandF continues to be creative with accumulated knowledge on how fast we can deliver products to clients and how we respond to the change of products. Our world-class factory materializes each and every product, visualizing the future of our clients. The environmental business of 100 years ahead begins with the factory.

World standard from Japan

The FandF's technology is further reinforced by our efforts to cater to clients' needs with hand-holding services. In addition to the cutting edge technology, we develop products while being conscious of "management". We gain customers' trust by acquiring technological information of various fields and providing the resource to our clients, and by maintaining product quality.

Industrial embedded server

We supply servers extensively, mainly for medical and industrial instruments. More than 50,000 units have been shipped until now. We provide a server catering to a client's needs.

Industrial Trackball

We develop 1-inch and 2-inch Trackball for medical and industrial purposes. Patent pending for the 2-inch laser format.

Medical Gel Warmer

We develop, manufacture, and sell Gel Warmer to heat and retain heat of an ultrasonic probe.

Repair and inspection of medical equipments

We do repair and inspection of various medical equipments including imported ones.

Commission business of manual production

We undertake production and translation of various manuals (such as user instructions and service manuals) mainly of medical equipments on a commission basis.